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When we met shortly before his death, Pugliese explained to me what tango is:

It is the folk music of the Argentine people, born from their hearts. It first emerged in the lower-class districts near Buenos Aires, and for a time it was regarded as indecent and disreputable. But the people took it into their hearts, and there it put down deep roots. Today, it is our national music and is loved by people all over the world. My father took me everywhere with him,-- he recalled for me--exposing me to the diversity of the world of tango

His father, Adolfo, ran a bar, but also played the flute in a tango band. Pugliese's serious, scholarly demeanor disguised a soul burning with powerful emotions. He once told the members of his orchestra:

We are sailing on the vast ocean of tango. The important thing is to know the currents that will lead us to the harbor of the people's hearts. Tango must always be interpreted in terms of human emotions. It has a human voice. That is why we must bring forth a sound that accurately expresses those emotions.

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