Title: The Bandeoneón

Project Summary

If you've ever heard Tango music, you've heard The Bandoneón. At first, perhaps you don't even notice it until perhaps you hear a few bars playing as a solo instrument. Then, suddenly, you get it— and you are never the same. It changes your hearing and your feeling and gives you a truer sense of pitch. It envelops you in a pensive, but warm and evocative soundscape. Like a blanket it comforts you from the world outside. It draws you in. It grows a deeper relationship between you and Tango.

This unique reed instrument is also a sublime technical achievement. It was the invention of Heinrich Band who, at age 29 in December 1850 put the first one on sale in his shop in Krefeld, Germany.

This website tells the What, When, How, Where and Why, that is to say, in its home page, a brief description of what it is, then the history of The Bandoneón is the When, the How page will describe how it works technically, the Where page will tell more about its origins and how it came to Argentina to become the main instrument of the Tango Ensembles and where you can buy one, see one, etc.

And Why? Because I loved this instrument from the moment I saw it and got to hear 4 of them played live in Buenos Aires.


This website will be of special interest to music students and Tango dancers. It will be of interest to all those who love music played with sensibility and feeling.

Perception & Tone

I hope to convey the exquisite beauty and intricacy of this complex instrument.

Target Message

Video and audio files will be used, here and there, to clearly portray what is being shown throughout the site, since there is only one way to truly appreciate The Bandoneón, and that is, to listen to one.

Digital Proof


Color Palette


I've used Google Font "Cardo" for the Main Title and Sub-Titles. For the navigation and text, I've used Lucida Sans Unicode, as shown in this page.